10 Tips when packing your travel photography bag

1. Don’t try and save costs buying a cheaper bag to protect your several thousand dollars worth of equipment, invest in decent bag such as this low pro bag, which will probably last you a lifetime. Get a bag with multiple compartments, lots of extra padding and if you need it, a space for a small laptop.

2 . When carrying multiple charging units, such as I carry one type for a canon 40D battery, and one or my 5Dmk2 battery, carry just the one power cable in your hand luggage. On these chargers the wall socket to charging unit is often the same, which is also the same cable used for lots of other devices, so even if you get one lost along the way you can soon replace it, or just use your other cable you left in your cabin baggage. This will save you a little bit of weight by putting in your checked baggage rather that your cabin luggage.

3 . Try and find a bag that has a waterproof cover, for instance I was caught in a thunderstorm with my smaller lowepro camera bag, but fortunately it has a pull-over rain cover, which is always attached. Well worth the money, check this one out.

4 . Be careful carrying too many camera batteries, especially lithium ion, as some carriers only allow 2 or so in your checked baggage,and none at all in your checked baggage. I only actually found this out recently.

5 . Be aware that camera bags always draw attention in customs and bag searches, be ready to be able to unpack everything and lay it out for the to see, I’ve had situations where they have passed each lens, camera body etc through the x Ray machine separately.

6 . Carry a small 4 way extension cord in your checked luggage, I have been in loads of hotel rooms over the years and only had the one plug socket, or it’s been in a odd place in the room.

7 . Carry a smaller camera bag in your checked luggage. I use a smaller lowepro bag when I am out and about, and fold this flat in my main luggage, then when I get to the destination I can decant exactly what I need without having to trail my much bigger bag around with me.

8 . Try and keep your memory cards with you at all times. I keep my little case of memory cards in my pocket, regardless of whether i have my camera with me. When i get back to my room in the evening I will copy all images onto my external drive and back them up, so if I either loose my memory cards when I am out, or I have anything stolen from the room I should hopefully be covered.

9 . Take a few micro fibre cloths. No matter how many I start with, some get lost along the way. Put one in each of your bags to make sure you always have one with you.. and resist the temptation to use a towel or your shirt sleeve to clean your lens!

10 . Insurance, not really a packing tip, but its the only thing you will have if your luggage gets lost or stolen on the way, there are a number of decent places out there that specialise in camera equipment insurance, both at home and abroad.

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10 tips & things to remember before packing your travel photography kit bag.