500 Lighting Tips and TechniquesHave just finished reading through the book: 500 lighting hints, tips and techniques by Rod Ashford and have written a quick review of it.

This book is definately aimed at people are starting out being interesting in studio photography, and showing them a number of options about how to start. The book offers good information covering quite a large range of studio photography, so is an excellent read if you are just starting out, or even trying to work out what your options are before you buy equipment.

The books offers not only information, but tutorials and work along case studies – ie setting lighs up certain positions to get certain effects – which is an excellent learning curve when starting out.

The first chapter covers topics such as studio equipment, light quantity and quality, how cameras record the pictures, tripods and measuring light with light meters.

The second chapter covers how to ‘see’ with light, contrast, hard and soft light, direction and angle, diffusion and reflection.

Chapter 3 covers working with daylight and modifying daylight, using reflectors, softening shadows using reflectors, diffusers and using fill in flash.

Chapter 4 talks about; portable flash usage, studio flash, anatomy of a basic flash head, triggering the flash, measuring artificial light, controlling the light,how many lights you need?, working with one light, multiple lights, and purchasing lights.

Chapter 5 covers topics such as using lighting setups to record artwork, and various case studies and tutorials.

The last chapter covers a little about post production techniques.

Overall this book is aimed primarily at people just starting out with studio photography – I could see it being a useful reference book for beginners.

If you are interested in purchasing this book there is a link here:

500 Lighting Hints, Tips, and Techniques