We had so much fun making our save the date cards!
We hired a local pool for a couple of hours just with the idea of getting something ‘underwatery’. Apart from not being able to hold my breath as long as I had remembered, and looking like I was drowning the majority of the time, we managed to get a few shots we liked.

We had the help of Siobhán’s brother Gordon, as well as our friend Louise to provide her fabulous dress holding abilities. Gordon lent us the usage of his underwater camera and his submerged ‘floating still as a rock’ abilities. I set up his camera and strobe as best I could…considering I’d never used his setup before and this is was all new to us, it seemed to work great. I shuttled back and forth, adjusting camera settings whilst Gords patiently sat underwater clicking the shutter at the perfect moment, thanks Gords!

Siobhán spent quite some time online looking for cheap wedding dresses that we could trash underwater, and as the shoot came closer and closer we’d found nothing quite suitable. A quick trip to our local material shop, 3 metres of white satin and a handful of safety pins…created the perfect underwater wedding dress!

We chose this image for our final cards:

This was my favourite image, perhaps because I look less like I’m drowning…but it may have been too ‘inappropriate’ for the final postcard!

Here is a little gallery of some of the images and behind the scenes pictures:

Some pics of the final product:

We hand inked the backs of the cards to give the white card a warmer, textures and slightly aged look.