Hello from Germany,

Have taken a couple of weeks off to spend some time in Germany, staying at the foot of the magical Neuchwanstein castle in the heart of Bavaria – an amazing place.

First night there was a short and intense storm, and looking up towards the castle from our apartments balcony you could see the tower darting in an out of the clouds – occasionally being lit up by sheet lightning.

I didn’t have much time to play around, as the only spot I could sit the camera was literally out in the rain, so I only managed to grab a couple of shots..

First pic: Long exposure (66 seconds) shows the sheet lightning  lighting up the clouds – and combined with the shadows of the uplighting flood lights around the base of the tower – has left an interesting shadow cast on the clouds… which were ripping through at the rate of knots. Interesting outcome. (ISO 100, 24-70L @ 40mm, f/5, 66 seconds, Canon 40D)


Second pic: This time just a  short exposure of 5 seconds, at ISO 400. Grainy and dirty but I just love it, as it really shows the movement in the clouds that were moving across the sky. (ISO 400, 24-70L @ 70mm, Canon 40D, 3 Sec, f/10)


I love the storms!