Hello again, I’m sorry I haven’t written anything in the last month, things became rather hectic. Anyway, I am back on track now and have lots more photography to show you over the next few weeks. So, back to Vietnam visiting the interesting city and citadel of Hue on the East of Vietnam. (View on map) There is a massive amount of Vietnam war history here, during the 1968 Tet offensive there was heavy fighting in Hue, especially around the Citadel which you can see in some of my photographs below. Further into the city we visited the Imperial Enclosure or Forbidden Purple City, which is where the Koi were situated. The third photograph down you can clearly see the bullet holes in the solid wall, still left as a reminder of the war. Battle scars everywhere, twinned with recent restoration of the city, pictured in the gaudy red of the new paintwork.
A shoal of Koi in Hue - VietnamView Larger – Shoal of Koi in the citadel, Hue.

Hue Citadel - VietnamView larger – The walls of the citadel in Hue

Hue Citadel - VietnamView larger – Bullet holes in the walls

Hue Citadel - Vietnam Stock PhotographyView larger

Wall detail - Hue Citadel, Vietnam Stock PhotographyView larger

If you would like to view these images much larger, or if you would be interested in buying a print, or downloading any of these images – please head over to my stock photography of Vietnam online store. Thank you.