Private photography lessons : Lightroom & Workflow

One to One Photography Mentoring: Lightroom, image & data workflow

Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom for speed & efficiency.

So perhaps you have been capturing photographs for some time now, or you’re pretty much up to speed on enough of the camera settings and buttons to be able to feel a bit more confident you can get the shots you want, but you’ve somehow ended up with folder and folders of images on your computer that you dread having to deal with again.

Folders of images & no clue where stuff is?

We’ve all been in this position at some point, when you start creating photographs at the beginning it’s easy to just stick them in a couple of foldersphoto-lesson-prices on your computer and then easily find them again… but several thousand photographs later things start to get a bit more complicated, especially if you want to be able to find them quickly again sometime in the future. Our weapon of choice here is Adobe Lightroom, one of the best value pieces of software I’ve even bought, and you don’t have to be a professional to get huge benefits from using it.

Never used Lightroom before?
If you’ve never used Adobe Lightroom before, this is probably the best case scenario as you won’t have fallen into any bad data management habits just yet, so we can catch them early to make sure that in 5 years down the line you will be able to quickly and confidently easily find your original files, your edits and notes in a matter of seconds, knowing full well that the files are all in good order making it easy for your to schedule backups and other important factors that we can talk about in these one to one private photography mentoring tutorials.

You’ve been using Lightroom for a while but need some tips?
If you’re been using Lightroom for a while, I bet I can find a few ways to speed up your workflow and show you some of the advanced features that perhaps you’ve only used once or twice. Lightroom is almost the only photo editing software you need these days, it is incredibly powerful and can cope with 99% of a professional photographers workflow for normal jobs. I can show you how to streamline and be more efficient!

BOOK-NOWGot you thinking about a one to one lesson?

Not sure about the cost and if it’s worth it? No problem – I have a money back guarantee!

Yep. If we get to the end of the lesson and you think it’s not been worth it or you’ve not got something from it, I’ll give you your money back!

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