Hello again, the last few months have been pretty busy, all kinds of photography including one of my favourite shoots this year photographing a new private jet company, as well as thoroughly enjoying teaching a one to one photography lessons here in Norwich.

I thought I’d share a few aerial photographs from some trips up into the sky. I’ve upgraded my little quadcopter for something a lot bigger. We still have proper rigs for lifting real sized cameras and video cameras, but these shots are all just from my little hexacopter in my spare time. So much fun, another reason to get outside. As usual, if you want to see the whole gallery of aerial photographs have a look here, but bear in mind there are all just from the lowly gopro, nothing fancy!

 (Chris Ridley)
Aerial Photo of Wymondham, Norfolk, England

Aerial photograph looking out over Wymondham in Norfolk, UK (Chris Ridley) Aerial Photo of Wymondham in the snow. Norfolk, England

East Hanney, Oxfordshire. (Chris Ridley)