After another few days in Sydney we decided to get back in the van and head south, to explore the coast further and hopefully as a bonus drive to some nicer weather. We ambled down the coast for about a week, stopping at various beaches, forests, national parks, lakes, hills and peaks along the way. As well as finding campsites, we camped in little secluded spots off the roads wherever we could, free from cost and free from other people, much more enjoyable that way. For some reason I lost a bit of my photographer mojo in Australia, and thus didn’t spend enough time with my camera at all, I think feeling very ‘Western’ again led me to be and feeling out of the zone for the first part anyway. We all have blocks, I just needed a little time to get back in the zone again.

We ended up as far south as Pebbly Beach, a wonderful and empty stretch of beach, surrounded my national park, animals and the sounds of wilderness – awesome. We spent a few nights here camped out in the little secluded woodland, just off the beach. The animals were so incredibly friendly, there were Kangaroos and lorikeets everywhere, the Kangaroos were so tame you could literally walk up to them and touch them, was great fun. Enjoyed taking the cooking stove and cooking on the beach with the kangaroos, miles of coastline in the distance and very few people, if anyone around.

Pebbly Beach - NSW Australia

Pebbly Beach - NSW Australia

The photograph of the lorikeets was taken with the 16-35mm 2.8 L lens at 16mm, so you can imagine how close I was to the bird, literally 3 inches away! An awesome character.

Lorikeets in NSW Ausralia

We eventually drove back to Sydney again, and then got a flight up to Brisbane to catch our International flight to Bali. The day we got to Brisbane airport, the people of Brisbane had just been told to evacuate for fear of flooding that was arriving later on that day, and over the course of the next week. Not a nice place to be at that time, and we were fortunate to have our flight booked. We were on one of the last flights out before the airport was too flooded to stay open and have safe landings. We got lucky, but Brisbane wasn’t in a good state. We’d had been in Australia for almost a month – and although having enjoyed our adventures there we couldn’t wait to get back into it again. Bali, here we come.

Kangaroos - Pebbly Beach, NSW Australia

Dinner on the beach

And finally, the beast that got us there….
The beast