A review of writing blog posts and blogging with the wordpress on the iPad. Problems and annoyances with and without the app. This is the same app as the WordPress for iPhone, as far as I am aware there are no more features in the iPad version than the iPhone version.

I love my iPad, I really do, but there are somethings about it that are really becoming a pain in the neck. Blogging, I update my blog 4 or 5 times a month, and quite often I am abroad or away from my laptop – so you would think the iPad would be perfect for this.

For simple blog posts:
For simple blog post, i.e. mostly text and simple formatting, it’s not bad at all but if you want to start adding images and adding links in the text to enrich the readers viewing  pleasure it’s a but more problematic.

WordPress iPad app:
For instance, I’m writing my blog right but I’m not using the word press ipad app to do it. I find the spellchecker and typing experience better in something like iPad ‘pages’ which is auto saving which is a huge bonus. To be honest although i can get the iPad word press app working fine back in the UK, its been giving me problems even connecting to it from abroad.. So I’m sort of stuck without the app at the moment.

Writing drafts in the app:

A great thing about the iPad word press app is that you can draft posts offline which helps in the situation I am in now, although it offers no more features than just writing in the iPad pages application.

Adding links:
Still a pain, but its still more a case of lack of multitasking and the hassle of finding the page, getting the URL, pasting it in etc, it just takes so much more time in the ipad than on my laptop.

Speed of typing on the iPad:

Not bad at all, in fact better than I expected it to be, especially with a bit of practice. I would say that although it, for me, is as quick as typing on the iPad as the laptop, the time taken still increases as soon as you want to go back and edit the text, especially if you are getting lots of mistakes along the way – but to be fair, the majority are self adjusting and correcting which is pretty great.

Adding images.

Pain in the neck. WordPress app is ok, but still limited in what you can do. Using the online original version has its problems too.. Such as flash based image uploader. So what do you do? Well, I took a photo on my iPhone, emailed it to my iPad.. which I couldn’t upload because I don’t have flash. The wordpress app does allow for image upload direct from your saved photos folder, but if you need to resize and optimise your image for the web you will need to find a app that does that before you upload it.

Personally I am a little disappointed with wordpress blogging on the iPad, the wordpress iPad app could have so many more features to make it perform more in line with normal web version.

I think if i wasn’t having this weird XML parser error when trying to connect to my blog from abroad then maybe I would like it a little more, but with my 4-6 month trip to the South Pacific in October I need to get a solution sorted by then. Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

Final thoughts. It’s good enough to do a basic blog post, but in my opinion not as good as it could be. I’d love to see a third party app developer get their teeth into it and see what comes out the other end. I think i’ll just keep drafting them on the iPad, and then wait until I get to a computer and give it the final touches.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts and your own review of the WordPress iPad application too!