My good friend Will and I were chatting last week about talking photo’s in the dark, with selective flash on certain areas of his exotic garden, and we decided we’d give it a go this evening. So using a tripod, a shutter speed of about 10 or 15 seconds, at roughly f/8 or f/11… and a bit of messing around with my external flash… and dodging the rain… I got a few shots I quite like!

Trying to time it right to make use of the ‘blue hour’ – which is basically half an hour after sunset.. while the sky is a brilliant blue before it turns black. So I walked around and manually popped the flash, highlighting bits I wanted.. and the last few shots I was playing around with coloured gels to try some different effect. I also used my trusty Maglite torch to pinpoint areas also. All great fun, want to try it again this week!