It’s my own fault – I know it, but still, these things happen! Wide angle lenses = things seem further away. There I was, minding my own business, trying to photograph a half built and abandoned dug out canoe on the beautiful beach of Port Olry, in Vanuatu.. when this thing called a ‘wave’ took me by surprise. Idiot. This is one of the major downsides to always using, and loving using a super wide angle lens.. you really do forget quite how close you are to your subject. Note to self, pay more attention. The camera got properly soaked, but still continued to work, never missed a beat. A few weeks on and it still seems fine, I think I got away with it. It got a little cloudy behind the screen for a day or so, the humidity was crazy high there also which didn’t help, but other than that it seems to have survived. I remember reading in the tech specs that the Canon 5DMK2 had ‘extra weather sealing’ and now I am very glad to have had it. I’m not sure my 40D would have survived.

Phew. Although insured and covered, it makes no difference when you’re in the middle of nowhere..

Canon 5DMK2 gets a soaking