Great news today for techy Canon lens fans, Canon have decided to release a new wide angle lens, and as anyone that knows me will know I’m a little obsessed with using wide angle lenses – and this isn’t going to make my addiction any better.It is has been designed to offer both circular and full frame images, which will appeal to both markets and sensor sizes.
For instance if I want to use my old 10-20mm Sigma wide angle on my Canon 5DMK2 it’s just creates a wierd looking fisheye image that just doesn’t work –

Canon 8-15mm L lens

Canon 8-15mm L lens (Image from DP Review)

so hence why I bought the 16-35L 2.8 Canon lens, to get a nice and sharp wide angle for my full frame camera. So this lens offers everything, I could use it on the 5DMK2 at 8mm and get a full 180 degree photograph, or use it at 15mm and have a super sharp ultra wide angle photograph, but having the choice ‘on camera’ is excellent – I certainly think this could be a big seller perhaps?

Update: 01/09/2010 – This lens has now been put on sale to pre order at certain stockists, here is a link if you want more information on current price or to pre-order this lens on Warehouse Express: Click here.

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