Sorry for the lack of blog posts in the last month, we have covered so much ground and I am falling way behind with my blog posts. Although I’m about to start writing about our first few weeks in Fiji, I’m actually sitting in a small hotel room in Bali – almost 7 weeks ahead… please bear with me and gradually I will make up some time!

So here we are, finally in Fiji. An interesting start, a few slow days in Nadi deciding on the plans for the next month in Fiji, but met some interesting people and finally decided to head as far away as possible from the tourists littered around mainland Fiji. We headed across the main island, Viti Levu on a bus for 5 hours to Suva, the main capital. We had arranged for a small 16 seater aircraft to take us to Taveuni island, about 1 hour North East and then from there to our chosen spot – Qamea island. Shortly after arriving at the airport in Suva we were told that a cyclone warning was in place and all flights were cancelled for the next few days. Brilliant. So we waited a couple of days until the flights were back on, and the cyclone passed and we were on our way.

A one hour flight from Suva in quite literally a flying Land Rover we reached the small island of Taveuni, and then from there we took a ride for half an hour down a volcanic black rock dirt track to the other end of the island where a small boat was waiting to take us to the tiny island of Qamea. Another 45 min boat journey in the sea spray, rain and mist and we reached our destination.

The next morning the clouds disappeared and this is what we awoke to. Pure heaven.

Qamea Island - Fiji

Qamea Island - Fiji

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