So reluctantly leaving the beautiful paradise of Qamea island in Fiji, having spent almost a month here, we had to continue our journey to Australia, not before another few hours wait in Auckland on the way, such is the joy of the crazy route you take when you follow the path of cheapest flight resistance. After being away on small tropical islands, miles away from mass tourism and westerners it was a bit of a shock to the system when we got to Sydney. We chose Australia as part of our trip primarily so that we could see some of our family, who live in Sydney.

Sydney Opera House

I’m not going to spend too much time talking about Australia, no one wants to hear about family.. so in a nutshell we spent the first week in and around Sydney, then we headed up the coast from Sydney in a VW camper to Byron Bay, stopping at many places along the way. The weather (just before the main flooding) was beginning to turn quite bad, and by the time we had reached Byron it was non stop raining, flooding and generally being not too fun camping outside. After a week of bad weather we decided to head back to Sydney again to escape the weather.

Once back in Sydney we did a lot of the standard tourist things, exploring the streets of Sydney, the sights and of course the Sydney Opera House – which, I must say (don’t hate me) wasn’t quite as impressive as I had hoped. I’m not sure why, I think the monster of ugly brickwork it stands on doesn’t help. I loved Sydney though, and would like to spend more time here in the future, a great place to be and well worth a visit if you are ever this way.