The rice sack climber
A couple of my favourite photographs so far, from the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu, South Pacific. The first image was taken walking through a bustling market on the edge of of the small sleepy town of Luganville, I had been skirting around the outside of this wonderful market looking for interesting photo opportunities when I noticed a small kid playing on the sacks of rice, climbing them as if exploring Everest. He jumped out from behind the sacks and crouched still for just long enough to get one frame, before he went into hiding again.

Little boy playing in the rice sacks at the market in Luganville, Santo Island, Vanuatu, South Pacific | South Pacific Stock Photography for license, instant download or high quality print. (Chris Ridley)

Canon 5D Mk2, Canon 16-35mm II USM 2.8L at 35mm, f/4.5, ISO 400 at 1/640 sec

Jungle dwellings
Walking out of town and heading South along the main road of Luganville, through a slight clearing was an excellent example of local housing. Surrounded by banana palms, a small stream, Colocasias, ferns and other wonderful leafy foliage, (I’m sure Will could name them all here..) squawking chickens were nudging twigs and fallen leaves searching for little crickets and grubs.

 (Chris Ridley)

Canon 5D Mk2, Canon 16-35mm II USM 2.8L at 35mm, f/8, ISO 400 at 1/80 sec