Sorry for the distinct lack of blog posts in the last couple of months, I got married to the wonderful Siobhan in late September, then booked some flights on a round the world adventure, first spending some time in the South Pacific and then on to Asia, this is the first chance I have had to actually stop and think about my own blog. But here we are.. I’m currently sitting on a wooden veranda overlooking the blue ocean on Espritu Santo, an island of Vanuatu – in the South Pacific. Our journey should last a good few months and we are working it out as we go along, we have some set dates in certain countries but currently that is changing again, exciting stuff.

We’ve seen some awesome things so far, from WW2 wrecks, colourful markets to crystal clear blue ocean, as well as grey skies, rain and a bad reaction to Maleria tablets, which I have now stopped and on the recovery path – I hope!

Anyway, a few images to get things started, especially as we have just found a place with decent enough internet..


Exotic flower
What kind of flower is this, anyone have a clue?

Coral beach of Hideaway island
The beautiful beach of Hideaway Island, Efate – Vanuatu

Market in Port Vila
The colourful market in Port Vila, Efate, Vanuatu

Just a few to get started,
Thanks, Chris