It’s hard to put into words trying to explain that background to the unbelievable and tragic murder of over a quarter of all Cambodians between 1975 and 1979 under Khmer Rouge regime.
“Estimates of the total number of deaths resulting from Khmer Rouge policies, including disease and starvation, range from 1.7 to 2.5 million out of a population of around 8 million.”
We visited Choeung Ek, one of the mass and open graves where over 17,000 innocent people were brutally tortured and killed, with many of the these people coming from Tuol Sleng, a school taken over and used as a torture prison. In these photographs you can see the tower of over 5000 human skulls in the commemorative stupa, as well as bones, teeth and clothing still littering the ground. Everywhere you walked there were bones sticking up through the soil and around your feet. I have also added photographs of the S-21 torture prison (now cleaned up and opened for tourism), as well as for me the most chilling photographs of them all, portraits of the victims. The Khmer Rouge kept data and photographs of everybody they murdered and a large number of those photographs are now on display in Tuol Sleng, Cambodia.

The Killing Fields - CambodiaSkulls at Choeung Ek – View Larger

The Killing Fields - CambodiaSome of the torture rooms of S-21. View Larger

Bones on the ground - CambodiaBones and clothes at the surface around our feet. View Larger

Teeth on the groundTeeth scattered on the ground. View Larger

The Stupa of skulls - CambodiaThe Stupa of 5000 skulls. View Larger

Photographs of the victimsPhotographs of the murdered Cambodian people. View Larger

Photographs of the victims, CambodiaPhotographs of the murdered Cambodian people. View Larger

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