Rugs on a moped - Hanoi, Vietnam Stock Photography

A few interesting street scenes for you today, taken whilst walking around the back streets of Hanoi, Vietnam – an amazing city to photograph, I really loved it here. First up, the rugs on a moped. An incredible weight of heavy rugs laden on top of this poor, tiny CC moped – I didn’t actually see him leave again, but I’m sure they did. If it balances above, they’ll move it.

Purple balloon in Hanoi - Vietnam Stock Photography

The purple balloon caught my eye like a magpie, nodding up and down in the wind as it was cycling past on an electric push bike, clutched for dear life.

Bamboo for sale - Hanoi, Vietnam stock photography
Bamboo for sale, fresh, dried, made into ladders, ready for action. I love the colours and the pattern of it all, and the little white cat in the corner.

headstones - Hanoi, Vietnam stock photography

Finally, my favourite. A man sculpting head stones and memorials, surrounded by walls of past efforts, perhaps examples, or perhaps head stones for not quite dead people? When we walked past later on that day, he was outside the front of the shop building up the layers of shiny black lacquer.

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