David Prakel - LightingI have recently had a chance to read a book in the ‘Basic Photography’ series ‘Lighting’ by David Prakel.

Although it seems from the title it is purely for basic techniques of lighting, it really does cater for all levels of skill – and in my opinion suitable for all.

The first chapter as all about the theory of light, about exposure and how to understand both basic and advanced use of exposure, using polarized light and using polarising filters. He also talks about imaging at the ends of the spectrum.

The second chapter, headed ‘Natural Light’ he talks about the use of the differing types and how to use natural light, covering topics such as day light, evening light, night, seasonal quality of light and the effect of location.
The third chapter called ‘Available Light’ includes topics such as how to use differing types of light such as flourescant light, street lighting, neon lights and gig photography.

The fourth chapter talks mainly how to use continous light, and this develops into chapter six which covers more in depth use of studio lighting such as how to shape light using tools available, building studio lighting, rembrant style of studio lighting, butterfly lighting (another form of studio lighting) commercial lighting, light tents for jewellery and product photography, as well as pack shot photography and finally cinematic lighting techniques.

The last chapter looks more in depth at using the light you have available, so focusing on the actual quality of the light and how to reveal shape, revealing form, texture, tone and colour. It also talks about practising experementing with light.

Overall I would recommend this book to pretty much everyone who might be interested, from both beginner to advanced. I personally really enjoyed it.

There is a link below to the book on Amazon if you are interested.
Basics Photography: Lighting