Holy Mackerel. I had just come downstairs after settling the little one when my wife Siobhan shoved her phone in my face, showing me loads of people on twitter talking about seeing the Aurora Borealis over Norfolk this evening. Wow. Annoyingly it transpired that the strongest activity & sightings happened much earlier – around 8-9pm, but alas I only found out at gone half ten.

Unperturbed by the knowledge that I had missed the great show, (something I’ve wanted to see for years) I grabbed whatever kit I could find, tripod, hat etc and raced out the house. Fired up the sat nav in the car and headed away from our closest city Norwich, navigating half way between the next brightest light pollution area on the horizon which I think must have been Dereham. I found a field, slammed the tripod into the ground, pointed the camera North and started dialling in the settings. A hasty start, but I was already freezing out there as I’d only grabbed the first coat I found – not the wisest decision as it turned out to be the thinnest. Anyway, after an hour or two standing around in the dark, in the middle of nowhere… I just have a couple of images that at least show faint smatterings of The Aurora Borealis.

Who would have thought we would ever get to see them over Norfolk. Incredible. By the time I got my camera out you could barely see anything, albeit a hazy green glow. Not the best sighting in the world, but it’s a start. Next time I’ll be in a better position for better images. Until that day, I’ll just have to put up with these.

Aurora Borealis Norfolk