We had the opportunity to test out a new scuba diving rebreather courtesy of Poseidon UK and my local scuba diving centre in Norwich, Norfolk. This Poseidon Diving Systems MkVI Discovery rebreather is the first truly recreational closed circuit rebreathers, perfect for the professional underwater scuba diving photographer.

Poseidon MkVI Discovery

Without boring you with the details they allow you to spend a lot longer underwater, and you expel no bubbles whatsoever, thus giving you a massive advantage by allowing you to get much closer to the underwater world that you would normally get with a standard scuba diving setup. This was my first time on a closed circuit system like this, and it was pretty enjoyable – I can definitely see the advantages to this kind of system for underwater photography. I only tried this new Poseidon MkVI Discovery rebreather in a swimming pool – so apart from a few rogue plasters there was little life to be scared away… not an adequate test.. but maybe next time I’ll be using it properly.

It was an interesting feeling breathing through a rebreather, once I got my buoyancy sorted it was incredibly easy to use (within reason – it is a piece of mega tech!)
Getting my head around the fact the air is just going round and round and being injected and mixed, cleaned and pumped to make it fresh again was a weird feeling! They retail around £5000, with around £20 per scrubber replacement every 3hrs.. a mere snip! Found some cool scuba diving t shirts whilst looking for scuba kit though…