Hello again, I’ve hardly posted at all in the last few months and I’m dreadfully sorry, I will aim to get back on track asap! Right, back to the wonderful Hanoi in Northern Vietnam. We loved Hanoi, even though it was pretty chilly compared to where we had just come from… so we spent the first couple of days trawling the shops trying to find warm jumpers, hoodies and trousers. The street scenes were just amazing, everywhere you looked there was a visual feast which sometimes became a problem when you stopped and stared at something too long, briefly forgetting the mild peril from the swirling motorbike chaos whizzing around you.

We slowly travelled South from Hanoi to Ho Chi Min City, stopping for a few days at a number of places along the way. (talked about in previous blog posts) We travelled through Vietnam on the crazy buses and trains, eventually covering the bum-numbing 1200 miles to Saigon. We explored Ho Chi Min (Saigon) a few nights before we decided to find a bus heading towards Cambodia to continue our journey. Found an excellent Indian restaurant on our last night, sitting next to a table of lads who claimed had ‘just been scammed out of thousands of dollars’ by ‘buying’ motorbikes (Later found out they were playing off two dealers from two rival gangs and it went a little pear shaped).. all sounded pretty dodgy to us.. but the food was amazing.

Street Scene in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam Street scene in Hanoi, North Vietnam – View Larger

Bird Cage hanging in the streets of Hanoi, Northern Vietnam Bird Cage hanging in the streets of Hanoi – View Larger

Hanoi Street scene, Northern Vietnam Street scene in Hanoi, North Vietnam – View Larger

A poster on a wall in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam Interesting looking poster – Hanoi, Vietnam – View Larger

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