We arrived in Rhodes early yesterday morning, to a beautiful blue sky and wonderful heat. We had arranged to meet the owners of the rented accommodation in the town square at 7:30am, as supposedly the place was hidden away somewhere in the back streets of Lindos. We grabbed the first taxi we saw, “all prices fixed and in book” was the answer to the question to the extortionate fee on the taxi rank at the airport. The classic line: “we must get petrol” mid journey didn’t help when the obligaory timer is tick-tocking away.

After the somwhat scary taxi ride from airport to Lindos, we arrived at the beautiful central square, bathed in golden morning light and under a massive sweeping tree acting as the local roundabout. So we sat, as arranged, for the owners of of little self catering villa/flat to come and find us, very few people around apart from the street cleaner and a couple of old boys. Half an hour passed, still no sign of them. Decided it was probably a good idea to try and find some information about the location of this place and maybe get to it ourselves. We only had a number and a name, no one answering the phone, still asleep perhaps. Eventually asked a couple of locals who were sitting around, and after much gesticulating back and forth, they managed to get in contact with a man who knew someone who knew someone else… either which way “2 minutes and woman will come” sounded like an epic solution. 10 minutes later an old woman appeared out of a side street, shorty followed by our man, Stavros.

The man, Stavros

Arriving in a small moped, back modified to allow a case or two to be lashed to the back, I lifted our small suitcases onto the rear and watched him tie them up with some old cord. Foot to the metal his moped was travelling at just over 2mph, and easy stroll behind him as he weaved through the paved, worn smooth and winding backstreets, with white walls and cane shading over most sections woven with vines of some kind – to shield from the already baking morning sunshine.

On reaching our accommodation we were pleased to be able to stare out of our veranda onto the beautiful blue green bay. Lovely little room, small sink, hob and saucepan, just the one, or 2 if you account for the metal teapot. Metal teapot, probably perfect for boiling rice I guessed.

Starting to unpack, phone battery almost dead, best send the relevant people a message to keep them in the loop, charger found.. Just need to find the plug socket. Hmmm. Nowhere. Surely you can’t have a room somewhere as developed as this and have no plug sockets? Surely. Searching high and low, found nothing. Hmnn. Here for photography and a wedding and nowhere conveniently obvious to charge the plethora of electronics I seem to stuff my bag with. Gave up, decided I would think about it in the morning.
Ah right, ‘that’ plug socket. Literally the three random non symmetrical holes in the wall. If only i had realized. I had thought they were, well, holes. Nervously plugging in our travel adapter it was soon evident that there was infact some form of power from these magical holes. Perfect.

Time to taste the local hummus and halloumi, beer and cocktails. Wonderful.

Some iPhone images of our first day:
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