1 on 1 photography mentoring around Norwich & Norfolk

photo-lesson-pricesUnderstanding your own photography kit is key to progressing with your learning as well as the speed at which you’ll be making creative decisions. If you’re still fumbling around the buttons because you are still not sure what they all do, then a private one on one lesson is one of the quickest ways to get up to speed.

I want you to be able to forget about buttons and settings so that you can focus on getting a more creative photograph straight away.

By learning the fundamentals of your own kit to an extent you almost use them through muscle memory is key to your thinking process, push this back in your mind and pull forward the creative.

Your final images will undoubtably be better as you’ll be thinking more about the creative process than the technical.

BOOK-NOWTrying to make you forget about the camera. Get Clarity.

I’m a Canon photographer, so can help you with anything Canon, but if you’re a Nikon user don’t worry either – all of the principles are the same, and all the buttons do the same thing, they are just in different places. Bring your user manual and let me know beforehand so I can swot up about your camera. No problem.

Flexible, friendly and fun – focusing on the enjoyment of creativity.

Hands on learning - one on one photography mentoring around Norwich & Norfolk

Learn about the kit that’s already in YOUR bag, not mine.

I’m offering one on one photography mentoring and private lessons around Norwich and Norfolk, and am happy to come direct to you so that you can learn on your own patch. I’m totally flexible and happy to tailor all of the learning around you, and your skill level.

It’s never to late (or even early – I’ve taught at primary level in schools!) to learn photography, whether you are a total newbie, or whether you are just an amateur looking to take your photography one or two notches higher I can help you find the right path.

The end of lesson simple money back guarantee. Not helpful? Don’t pay!

Teacher: Chris Ridley

Teacher: Chris Ridley

As always, with any of my one to one mentoring I offer a fully money back guarantee on the day. At the end of the lesson, if you genuinely feel you’ve not got anything out of it you just don’t have to pay. It’s that simple, and I’m that confident it will boost your skill, your confidence and really give you that push to get out there with a smile on your face.

Photography should be all about your enjoyment, I hope to inspire that too.
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