Simple guide to aperture/f stop numbers and depth of field:
A simple introduction to the way that aperture and shutter speed affect depth of field, for those just starting out with manual control.

RAW vs JPG – A brief guide

A simple guide to the difference between RAW and JPG, and when you should use one format over another.

Simple guide to shutter speed
A basic guide on understanding shutter speed and how it will affect your creative photography. Easy to understand for the novice learning how to use full manual control on your camera.

What is camera ISO? Help with digital ISO with this simple guide – Digital and film ISO explained
A simple guide for understanding how ISO affects your image and photography, and how learning how to use ISO effectively and keeping the noise levels under check.

Tethered shooting with Lightroom and Canon 40D – How To
A step by step guide for getting tethered shooting working with your Canon 40D and Lightroom.

What is sRaw? Canon 40D sRaw files, what are sRaw files used for?
Undestanding the difference between SRAW and RAW, and how this affects your photography.

What is your depth of field (DOF) preview button for?
Understanding how to use your depth of field preview button to get an instant representation of what your chose f stop will look like, through the lens. Great when learning how to use manual control.